Lou Santos is the pseudonym of Catalan artist, Marti Pujol.

By day, he is a digital compositor and matte painter working in commercial and film. By night, when the moon is full and the hounds are howling under a dark sky, he becomes the fearless vagabond artist,
Lou Santos.

Lou Santos takes his inspiration from all corners of the earth, including the fierce and brutal comic book art of inkers and story-tellers like Frank Miller and Sergio Toppi or movies like Akira and Spirited Away. In the world of Lou Santos, distinct lines are etched across a blank canvas, birthing with them a 3 dimensional object, a harsh face, dimly lit and full of expression, brimming with unsaid secrets from a life fully lived and weathered by the storms.

With ink as his paintbrush and the world as his canvas, Lou Santos creates a fictional universe that is just a few steps removed from our own, where his deformed and enhanced characters live and work together in the shadows.