Collection of projects I have been part of as a mattepainter and compositor since I started my journey back in 2009.


The Panic Room is The Panics bi-annual inspiration evening held both in Amsterdam and around the world. With high-profile, creative industry speakers and an audience hand-picked to represent the best in Amsterdam's creative community, the evenings have achieved cult status worldwide with tickets much sought after. Creating the idents for each event has therefore become something of a prestigious challenge for our House of Panic members. These ones were directed by Marti Pujol and Hugo Morais for the 16th edition of Panic Room.

 "Aún Hay Tiempo" titles

End Titles created for the short movie "Aún Hay Tiempo" directed by Albert Pintó.
"The idea was to create a bulletime effect using elements from the short movie that have an important roll in it and show them as magnificent as possible."
The title sequence was created by Jeroen Aerts, Juri Agostinelli, Donat Aron Ertsey, Dimos Hadjisavvas, Matthijs Joor and Martí Pujol.
Music composed by Noel Nicolau. night,
when the moon is full
and the hounds are howling under a dark sky,
he becomes the fearless vagabond artist, Lou Santos.




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